About VestU.com

Clear, unbiased investment education

"How should I invest my money?"

"Where can I learn how to successfully invest?"

In 2013 my son asked me these questions. Given my background as an avid individual investor as well as a career in institutional investing, we began research and development on building an investment curriculum. After three years of work, we are prepared to deliver investment courses and funded model portfolios to educate and empower individual investors.


We help investors become successful through clear, unbiased investment education. The online education is suitable for self-guided investing and additionally is designed to greatly enhance interaction with investment advisors.


VestU, LLC was co-founded by Michael and Ted Patrick in 2013.

Michael Patrick holds two degrees from Harvard University (B.A. and MBA) and has been investing professionally for institutions for 35+ years. He supervised two large endowments as Executive Vice Chancellor for Asset Management at The University of Texas System and as Chief Investment Officer for The Meadows Foundation. Currently he runs an investment consulting firm in Dallas, advising foundations and charitable organizations. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM) and is Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Ted Patrick has been delivering online interactive software professionally for 20+ years including work at Adobe Systems, Barnes & Noble, and Sencha Inc. Currently he runs a consulting firm in Austin, TX focused on building software applications.