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Investment knowledge is powerful, diminishing fear and uncertainty, and leads to productive investment decisions and outcomes.

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An opportunity for self-paced investment education on your device, when and where you want.

Personalized Investment Plans

Create and administer an investment program customized for you, by you.

Great Returns

Achieve highly competitive investment outcomes, and keep the majority of money earned in your account.

Avoid Investment Mistakes

Major investment mistakes ruin returns, and cost untold sums of money.

Asset Selection

Choose and mix investment assets, based on longer term performance and comparative risk.

Membership Value

The cost of a VestU membership is insignificant compared with the monetary benefits received over time.

Nobody cares about your money as much as you. Learn to invest.


About the Instructor

Michael Patrick holds two degrees from Harvard University (B.A. and MBA) and has been investing professionally for 30 plus years. He supervised two large endowments as Executive Vice Chancellor for Asset Management at The University of Texas System, and as Chief Investment Officer for The Meadows Foundation. He currently runs an investment consulting firm in Dallas advising foundations and charitable organizations.

He has served on the board of directors of numerous companies, and recently left the Board of Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM), where he was Chairman of the Audit Committee for over 15 years. On April 1, 2016 Cameron International Corporation was acquired by Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB). He served in the U.S. Navy as a diving and demolition officer with a final rank of Lieutenant.

Learn to invest through any market.


VestU Standards

To enhance trust and ensure an unbiased approach, we commit to the following standards:

  • Revenue is based on your membership
  • We never sell or share customer information
  • No ads, pop ups, or offers
  • No outside capital sources
  • No sponsors or backdoor commissions
  • Total personal privacy (We store nothing but your email address on our servers.)

Create a personalized portfolio that fits your return expectation and risk tolerance.


What our customers say...

"I am glad I took this course. The course does two things exceptionally well. Using graphs, charts and clear explanation, it lays a strong financial foundation for anyone. Where the course really makes a difference is in taking those concepts and helping apply those to each person's specific financial situation. 10/10 - I highly recommend it." - Rex McIntosh


Clear, unbiased, and actionable investment knowledge.


What will you learn? A lot, including:

  • How to get highly competitive investment returns at low cost.
  • How to create a personalized portfolio, that fits your individual return needs and risk tolerance.
  • What to do when the market goes powerfully up or down.
  • How to identify and avoid major investment mistakes.
  • Understand what real diversification is and how to use it to reduce risk.
  • How to interact productively with brokers and financial advisors.

Let your money work to increase your retirement savings.


Who is this for?

  • Individuals who want to maximize their retirement savings.
  • 401(k) participants who want to know their investment choices are right for them.
  • Individuals who don't feel they know enough about investing to gauge the recommendations from their financial advisor.
  • Parents savings for their kids college & future.
  • Individuals who want to invest their cash savings wisely and productively.
  • Young adults who want their life started off with sound financial practices.
  • Individuals who want to initiate and manage their investment affairs themselves.

Avoid common investment mistakes and boost your returns.



Fundamentals Course
Designed to assure that members have a basic level of investment knowledge, before taking the other courses. Explains compounding, the nature of stocks and bonds, and investment instruments available in today’s financial marketplace.
Principles Course
Highlights and makes clear important investment truths and behavioral realities of investment markets. Explains investment mistakes and their cost, as well as proven methods to enhance investment success.
Assets Course
Provides a historical look at financial markets to frame the member’s perspective as the course examines a wide array of global stock and bond assets. Assets are reviewed in some detail individually and comparatively, based on historical returns, volatility, and investment merit.
Implementation Course
Focused on the design, setup, and administration of a personalized investment plan thru time. Concentrates on helping members identify their personal tolerance for risk, and the associated trade-off of potential return.

Value Additions

Funded Model Portfolios
The principals of VestU designed and funded four portfolios as samples for your review. All administrative actions with these portfolios will be disclosed and explained, and investment performance updates will be available monthly.
VestU investment tools assist members with investment tasks and organization of decisional information.
VestU monitors and reviews a substantial amount of investment information on a regular basis. Articles and links to relevant information are provided periodically as a member service.
Market Updates
Monthly investment updates for a broad range of important indices.

Interact confidently with brokers and financial advisors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does manage money?
No. is an online investment education platform that teaches you how to invest.
Who teaches this course?
The curriculum was developed by Michael Patrick, who has been investing professionally on behalf of institutions for 30 plus years. He supervised two large endowments as Executive Vice Chancellor for Asset Management at The University of Texas System and as Chief Investment Officer for The Meadows Foundation. Currently he runs an investment consulting firm in Dallas, advising foundations and charitable organizations.
Can I try before I sign-up?
Yes. Please sign up for our FREE Membership and you will get access to the Starter Course and the Market and Portfolio Updates. A one time membership fee provides you lifetime access to the entirety of
How much of a time commitment is this?
The curriculum at present consists of 8 hours of self-paced learning, and works well on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. With 24/7 availability, it’s easy to spend 2 hours a week, and be finished within a month. Individual lessons range in length from 3-10 minutes.

Clear, unbiased, and actionable investment knowledge.